Peak inside the studio

I have a studio space as part of The Factory in Kendal and share my studio with fellow artist, Janette Phillips. It is light and beautiful place to be creative in. I surround myself with images/quotes that inspire me – here is one quote from Philip Guston that really resinates with me when I work.


I gather inspiration from everything I see and like to collect things that help inform and inspire my work. I love including images and ideas inspired from my own families’ stories. Here are some mono- prints a made from images of my great grandma Annie.







2 thoughts on “Peak inside the studio

  1. danhodge

    Nice web site, some of the flood work is nice, still a story to be told though about the shattering of lives and the displacement of memories all washed away in minutes, but it takes a year to get back to where you were, but the constant fear looms over head like the grim reaper every time it rains.

    On the flip side the community forget differences and work together.

    Months on however you walk around your home and everyday you see something that reminds you, I heard a comment yesterday “every time it starts to rain I look around quickly and see if there is anything I should move, maybe that will pass, but around Christmas time I will never leave the house if there is a storm coming@


    1. anniecoxey Post author

      Hi Dan, yes, I am very aware of the personal cost involved and I would imagine from talking to other people that you will have that feeling for a long time. There are a few projects developing in Cumbria based around this but my project is more about the effects on the landscape which is still evident 6 months on. I am interested in the dramatic signs in the environment which give clues to the devastation that happened. Almost like landscape flood memories. I have spent a lot of time feeling uneasy about not including the actual effect on people’s lives but my big abstract paintings do not lend themselves to the deeper personal feelings and also I don’t want the subject to be so wide that I can’t do it justice. Space to Create are working on something that I think will tackle the more emotional side. There is also another project developing in Carlisle which will record the personal trauma caused by the floods. Thanks for looking – x



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